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Addressing the unmet need for medically-assisted detoxification from opioids

What We Do

Commitment to Innovation

DemeRx is a clinical stage pharmaceutical development company advancing two lead drug candidates for medically assisted therapies for opioid addiction, Ibogaine and its active metabolite - Noribogaine. Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid from equatorial Africa. 

Drug Development and Testing

DemeRx is advancing Ibogaine for medication-assisted detoxification in controlled medically supervised inpatient settings. Noribogaine is being developed for office-based opioid dependent withdrawal treatment and for detoxification of incarcerated addicts.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

DemeRx is advancing two drug products to address the current opioid crises.  The rise in the number of people addicted and dying is a major force to fast track development. Ibogaine and Noribogaine are non-addicting alternatives to OST. 


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